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We help international scientists publish faster.

SciTechEdit International provides prepublication services, including editing, polishing, proofreading, and translation, for your scientific manuscript. We have expert editors for all scientific and medical fields, including medicine, biology, chemistry, life sciences, physics, and technology.

SciTechEdit International can help you with all forms of science communication, including:

          Manuscripts            Letters of recommendation

Reviewer responses
Grant proposals and progress reports

Manuscript reviews for journal editors

Presentations (oral and written)
Web sites

Letters of collaboration

Book chapters

Your manuscript will be edited accurately, quickly, and confidentially. Our 100% guarantee of satisfaction eliminates your risk. First-time clients receive a 20% discount. Get started now -  click here to obtain your instant estimate.

Why is SciTechEdit International the right choice for you?
  1. Reputable. Manuscripts edited by SciTechEdit International are published in top-tier medical and scientific journals.
  2. Proficient. Over 94% of the manuscripts edited by SciTechEdit International are published.
  3. Expert. Our editors are established editors who have published in peer-reviewed journals and have served as reviewers for a variety of scientific and technical fields.
  4. Trustworthy. Our satisfied clients recommend SciTechEdit International to their colleagues.
  5. Innovative. SciTechEdit International sets the standards for the science editing community.
  6. Dependable. We have been in business since 1996, and we will be here for you throughout your career.
  7. Reliable. Our services are 100% guaranteed. Click here to see our guarantee

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