SciTechEdit International works closely with you to help you to produce clear, well-constructed manuscripts describing your scientific, medical, and technical research findings for publication in English-language journals. We provide prepublication services, including editing, polishing, proofreading, and translation of scientific manuscripts. Contact us today to see how we can meet your prepublication needs.

First-time clients receive a 20% discount, and institutional, volume, and referral discounts are also available. Click here to submit your manuscript.

  • Personalized Service: Our services are personalized and tailored to your individual needs.
  • Reputable: Manuscripts edited by SciTechEdit International are published in top-tier journals.
  • Proficient: Over 94% of the manuscripts edited by SciTechEdit International are published.
  • Expert: Our professional editors and grant writers have expertise in a wide variety of fields.
  • Trustworthy: Our clients are referred to us mainly by their colleagues.
  • Innovative: SciTechEdit International sets the standards for the science editing community.
  • Dependable: We have been here since 1997, and will be here for you throughout your career.
  • Reliable: Your manuscript will be edited accurately, confidentially, and returned to you on time.
  • Teamwork: We partner with you to ensure your publication success.


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  ProofreadingEssential EditingComprehensive Editing
Highest quality English-language Science Editing checkbox-green  checkbox-green checkbox-green
No-risk Guarantee checkbox-green checkbox-green checkbox-green
Reliable Return Dates checkbox-green checkbox-green checkbox-green

Native-English Speaking Full-time Professional Editors (not one of your competitors or their students)

checkbox-green checkbox-green checkbox-green
Quality Control checkbox-green checkbox-green checkbox-green
Correct Spelling & Typographical Errors checkbox-green checkbox-green checkbox-green
Appropriate & Consistent Use of Abbreviations checkbox-green checkbox-green checkbox-green
Correct grammar checkbox-empty checkbox-green checkbox-green
Consistent and Correct Use of Language checkbox-empty checkbox-green checkbox-green
Unlimited Pre-submission Questions checkbox-empty checkbox-green checkbox-green
Re-Editing of Minor Revisions (<10% of originally edited document) checkbox-empty checkbox-green checkbox-green
Redundant Descriptions/Data Removed checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Sentences & Paragraphs Restructured or Rearranged for Clarity  checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Appropriate Use of Voice (Passive vs. Active) checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Formatted to Journal Specifications checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Editing Certificate (upon request) checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Flexible Return checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Tables & Figures Checked for Consistency with Manuscript checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Word Count Reduction checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Formatting References and Citations checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Overall Structure of Manuscript is Consistent checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Ideas Clearly and Logically Developed checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
All Necessary Information is Present checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Any Unnecessary Information is Removed checkbox-empty checkbox-empty checkbox-green
Plagiarism Check checkbox-empty checkbox-empty Additional fee


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