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July 10, 2014

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How to Publish More Papers

Based on a survey of journal editors, 21% of papers submitted for publication are rejected prior to review, 8% because the research is not within the scope of the journal and 13% because of poor manuscript quality. Another 30% are rejected after review, and 49% are eventually accepted. Based on an ongoing survey of published articles, however, the acceptance rate of manuscripts edited by SciTechEdit International is greater than 94%.

How can you increase your chances of publishing your research quickly and in top-ranking journals? In this newsletter, we discuss how to select the journal to which you will submit your manuscript
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Karin Mesches, PhD


journal glassesSix Points to Consider when Selecting a Journal  

A major source of delay in publishing research is submitting your manuscript to the wrong journal.  Many strategies can be implemented to optimize the chances of publishing your manuscript.  Audience, exposure, focus, language, reputation, and time to print are all critical factors in selecting the journal in which to present your findings. The journal selection process should begin BEFORE starting the writing process. Selecting the journal before writing the manuscript will help you to tailor the manuscript to the scope and audience of the journal. Further, knowing the requirements of the journal beforehand, such as space limitations, citation formatting, and allowed abbreviations, will save you time and ensure that you have written a manuscript that is appropriate for the journal you select and therefore more likely to be selected for peer review.  Six points to consider when selecting a journal are.....Read More

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Review the articles that you will be citing.  Where were these articles published? Do a large number of your citations come from a few main journals?  These journals are likely to have the audience and scope that is appropriate for your study.

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