SciTechEdit International provides the following services (see below for details):



This service is our most popular and extensive service and is ideal for non-native English-speaking scientists and for manuscripts that have been rejected for publication due to lack of clarity or readability. Copy-editing ensures that your manuscript is clearly and logically presented, concise, and, most importantly, that the importance of your findings is communicated to the reader.


The following services are included in the price of Copy-editing:

  • Highest quality English-language science editing
  • Manuscripts edited by a team of professional science editors
  • All editors are native-English speaking scientists
  • Copy-edited manuscripts are returned to you well-polished
  • Manuscripts are formatted according to journal guidelines
  • Editors partner with you through journal submission
  • Figures and tables checked with the manuscript
  • Quality assurance, continued support
  • All questions answered promptly
  • Minor manuscript revisions are included
  • No-risk guarantee
  • Reliable return dates


Your manuscript is also reviewed for the following:

  • Correct punctuation, spelling, grammar, and word usage
  • Appropriate and consistent use of abbreviations
  • Correct documentation of references (every citation is referenced, every reference is cited, and journal titles, if abbreviated, are abbreviated correctly)
  • Correct formatting of the manuscript – If a journal is specified, the manuscript's overall formatting, citations, references, abstract or summary, figure legends, etc., are formatted according to the journal's Instructions to Authors. If a journal is not specified, the overall formatting, citations, references, etc., are formatted consistently.



This service is usually selected by native English-speaking scientists to check galley proofs. Your manuscript is reviewed for minor mechanical errors in copy (such as misspelled words and typographic errors), appropriate capitalization and punctuation, consistent use of abbreviations, and correct documentation of references.



This reduced-cost Copy-editing service is for manuscripts previously edited by SciTechEdit International. Examples of manuscripts that qualify for this service include: A) manuscripts that have been revised in response to reviewer comments,  and B) manuscripts that have been revised for submission to a different journal. Material not previously edited by SciTechEdit International or small portions of a previously edited manuscript are charged at the Copy-Editing rate.



SciTechEdit International provides scientific translation services for manuscripts. Our translators are highly qualified scientific, technical, or medical translators. Your manuscript may be translated and edited or, if you prefer, translated only. All of our translators are native English-speaking, and are fluent in at least one other language with extensive experience translating scientific, technical, or medical texts into English.

Our translation process starts with a highly qualified translator with experience translating science documents into English.  When copy-editing is also ordered, a team of science editors will then review the translated document to ensure that the originally intended meaning and quality are preserved. 

Translation alone requires 5 to 10 business days.  When ordering Translation with Copy-Editing, approximately 5 additional business days are required.  If you desire a faster rate of return, please contact us. Pricing depends on the language and character count of the document.  Please contact us for more information.

Use our manuscript submission form to send us your manuscript to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

Our translation team has extensive experience in translating the following languages to English.  Additional languages are also available.

  • Chinese (traditional and simple)
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish