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Peer Reviewed Manuscripts

SciTechEdit International specializes in editing and polishing all forms of science reports for publication in peer-reviewed journals.  Our editors are highly experienced in helping non-native English-speaking scientists create clear, concise, and effective reports of their findings.


Reviewer Responses

SciTechEdit International LLC can help you with your responses to reviewers and editors comments. We will edit your responses for clarity and ensure that they address the reviewer comments and concerns. Importantly, we also help ensure that appropriate tone and voice are utilized to create a persuasive response. In addition, if the manuscript is returned to us for re-editing, our editors will make sure that your responses are consistent with the changes made to the manuscript.



SciTechEdit International edits conference posters, including figures and graphs, to help you create a clear and concise presentation. We can help you with your poster layout and conforming to conference presentation requirements.


Presentations (oral and written)

SciTechEdit International edits presentations, carefully checking the accompanying figures. In addition, we can provide audio files recorded by a native-English speaker with which to practice the presentation or as a supplement to your presentation. Our audio files can be used for lectures as well. We can provide audio files in a man's voice or a woman's voice. The clarity and pronunciation are clear and guaranteed.



SciTechEdit International edits letters between colleagues, and to reviewers, collaborators, and editors. We also edit and help you construct recommendation letters, from helping your graduate student apply for a postdoc to letters to the Nobel Committee. Our editors will help you provide the appropriate tone and voice to create an effective and persuasive letter.


Other Scholarly Communications

All types of scholarly communications are edited, including research reports, book chapters, review articles, lectures, briefs, patents, and social media (tweets, Facebook pages, LinkedIn posts, etc.). Let us help you present your thoughts in idiomatically correct English carefully tailored to the type of communication and intended audience.


Grant proposals/progress reports

SciTechEdit International has edited many successful international grant applications for Centers of Excellence around the world, as well as NIH, NSF, private funding, etc. We will help you focus your application; create an efficient timeline for developing, writing, editing, and reviewing the grant; and, to help you make your deadline, edit sections as you complete them. We strictly adhere to deadlines, and can provide ultra-rapid turnaround as the deadline approaches.


Reviews for Journal Editors

Your manuscript review comments are edited for clarity, and, when less than 250 words, qualify for our FREE EDITING service.



Your website should clearly communicate your research to other scientists and/or to the general public. SciTechEdit can help you target the appropriate audience by editing your website content using idiomatically correct English.


Books/Book Chapters

SciTechEdit International LLC edits scholarly books and book chapters. Large projects can be edited as chapters are created or as a single project (recommended). Inquire for our large single-item pricing.


Prezi Presentations

The latest technology for creating zooming, engaging, and animated presentations, as a talk, an electronic poster, or a virtual animated on-line poster. Our staff will help you to create a clear and concise Prezi presentation. Use it for a talk and then post it to the internet to broaden your reach. Provide us with your script in English and we will provide audio files made by a male or female native-English speaker.


Ted Ed – Lessons Worth Sharing

Become part of the latest education technology. Create a TedEd Lesson based on an existing Ted Talk and our editors will help you to polish and refine the lesson to clearly communicate your message.

What makes SciTechEdit International different from other editing companies?

At SciTechEdit International LLC, our relationship with you, the client, is our highest priority. We are committed to the successful communication of your science, providing you with the highest quality language assistance and partnering with you to clearly communicate your science around the world. Our personal attention to your needs and availability to you set us apart from our competitors. We aim to exceed your expectations with every interaction.

Committed to your professional success. SciTechEdit International is fully committed to your success. Scientists are judged by the sum total of their body of work. SciTechEdit International is committed to providing you the highest quality prepublication services, not only for the manuscript you are publishing today, but for all of your manuscripts. All of your science communications should be clearly and concisely communicated – grants, papers, letters, emails, books and book chapters, promotion packets, thesis, etc. – SciTechEdit International is here to help you throughout your professional science career.

Who are our clients? Our clients are highly-published international scientists in a wide variety of fields from more than 65 countries, primarily those whose native language is not English. Many of our clients have been using our services for over 10 years, and the vast majority of our clients were referred to us by their colleagues. We have the expertise to meet any prepublication need and ensure optimal presentation of your research. Our clients count on us to provide consistent high-quality services for all of their science communication needs.

SciTechEdit International's quality and personalized services are unmatched. Our comprehensive services are provided to you with all fees inclusive. There are no hidden fees.


All of Our Editing Services Include the Following:

Our clients receive a personal response, including responses to questions and requests, to all emails within 12 to 24 hours. We tailor our services to your needs.

We do not limit the number or complexity of edits per page. Your manuscript is edited until it is completely polished. Since 1997, manuscripts edited by SciTechEdit International have had a better than 94% publication rate.

Manuscripts often require last-minute changes or additions. Changes and minor additions to a manuscript are reviewed and edited for you prior to submission for peer review at no additional charge – just mark the changes so that our editors can rapidly provide the review and editing you need.

Your questions are important to us, no matter how simple or complex. We are always happy and available to answer your questions about your changes and additions to your edited manuscript at no additional charge.

We do not charge to edit changes and additions to a manuscript we edited following submission and review that comprise <10% of the originally edited manuscript – just mark the changes e.g., by highlighting, underlining, etc. to facilitate rapid review and editing of the altered text.

Our editors have a minimum of 5 years of full-time science editing experience.  Once hired by SciTechEdit International, they undergo ongoing continuing education in best science editing practices. Our editors are committed to providing the highest quality editing while providing complete confidentiality.

Our editors have only one job - helping you to produce the best written science communication possible.  Our editors are not current researchers, postdocs, or graduate students who are editing as a second job - their only job is to edit your manuscript and help you publish your findings.

Whatever your deadline, we will help you make it. While our published rates vary from 48 hours to 14 business days, we will work with you to meet your deadline, whatever it may be.  We are here to meet your needs.  


Our Comprehensive Editing Service Also Includes the Following:

(click here for a complete description of the Comprehensive Editing service)


We edit your document to meet the word/character count limitations of the journal.

Let us know the journal to which you are submitting your manuscript and we will ensure that the manuscript conforms to the requirements of the journal's Guidelines to Authors, including the references, citations, proper use of abbreviations, UK vs. US spelling, correct word count, and formatting of headings and subheadings.

References in software databases such as EndNote™ or Reference Manager™ often contain typographical errors, are incomplete, formatted incorrectly, or inaccurate. When necessary, we will export your EndNote Library, check that your references are accurate and correct, and return the corrected EndNote library to you (additional charges may apply).

EndNote saves time - unless the Style Guide is out of date, inaccurate, or unavailable for your journal. When necessary, we will update, correct, and create EndNote Style Guides to meet the current requirements of the journal and send it to you (additional charges may apply)


FREE Short Document (<250 words) Editing Service

Our mission is to facilitate the communication of science. Short, complete science communications (up to 250 words) are edited at no cost. These include, but are not limited to, review comments, meeting abstracts, letters of recommendation, cover letters, emails, and program announcements. Please note that this service does not apply to partial documents, such as manuscript sections (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, etc.). This service can be used repeatedly; it is not a one-time sample of our editing. Send us all of your short communications for free editing. SciTechEdit International is committed to helping you clearly communicate your science in English.


Benefits of Choosing SciTechEdit International

  • Decreased time spent writing and polishing grants and manuscripts
  • Increased publication rate
  • Publication in top-tier journals
  • 94% publication success rate
  • Free short-document editing
  • Manuscripts always returned on time
  • Your questions are answered quickly
  • Easy access
  • Easy to use
  • No hidden fees
  • All-inclusive fees
  • Well-established, professional company you can trust
  • Your confidentiality is guaranteed

Services and Pricing

Rate Per Page (1 page = 250 words)

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(<48 hours)

(4 calendar days)

(8 business days*)

(14 business days*)

Comprehensive Editing US$105/page US$57/page US$42/page US$32/page
Essential Editing US$90/page US$45/page US$32/page US$24/page
Proofreading US$64/page US$32/page US$24/page US$18/page
Re-editing 50% of selected service and rate 
Plagiarism Scan $245 $245 $195 $195
Instructional Editing Comprehensive Editing + US$150-US$250/hour, inquire for return time
Translation Send us your document and request a quote. Please contact us for details.
Translation + Copy-Editing

*business days are weekdays excluding the holidays listed here.


Please contact us if you require an earlier return date.